Star Wars: Battlefront 2 [Version 2?]

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Developer(s): EA DICE
Publisher(s): Electronic Arts
Director(s): Bernd Diemer
Release: [WW] November 17, 2017

STAR WARS™ Battlefront™ II_20171121212444
Artwork is nothing but beautiful throughout the game.

Every year there are games that everyone talks about. When people are talking about the game it is usually a good thing as the buzz is coming from the hype-train. In the case of Star Wars… not so much. The weeks and days leading up to the release of this game were filled with nothing but controversy for the online game play. We shall call it “Micro-transaction Gate.” That’s as far as I’m going to reference that debacle as many of you already know about it or can easily research the Google for it.

Instead I’m gonna focus on the single-player aspect of this game as many players of ‘Star Wars: Battlefront‘ were clamoring for a story. We got a story and a scenario driven single-player arcade mode. The arcade mode is similar in that you are given certain parameters in which to complete a short or timed mission. All in all the single-player portion of this game is solid and very enjoyable.

STAR WARS™ Battlefront™ II_20171121212428
Did I mention the visuals in this game were stunning?

The story in this game is brief but it follows canon. It’s very important for a game of this caliber to align with the original story especially when being very short. While I am not a full out Star Wars fan-boy, I do have knowledge of the universe and what it represents. I enjoy the fact that they gave us a story mode and that it isn’t some random irrelevant story that isn’t necessary.

The basis of the story is following along with the ‘elite Imperial special forces’ on the other side of the Imperial vs. Rebel conflict. Your main character, if you had to pick one, would be Iden Versio; a member of the Inferno Squad. It was different to pick up the controller and play as the “enemy” when it comes to the Star Wars universe. One of the different choices that the developers went with was the fact that you will play as multiple main characters throughout your story, all while the levels play into each other.

STAR WARS™ Battlefront™ II_20171124160725
Skywalker is a familiar face that appears within the game. I guess you saw that coming?

I found the story to be the right length. Would I have loved a longer story mode? Absolutely, as I am one who favors the single-player experience. But again, the length of the story doesn’t detract from the overall experience. Just as the arcade mode doesn’t take anything away from this game.

Arcade is another enjoyable element from this game. If you are someone who prefers a game that doesn’t rely on multi-player or group experience then the arcade can keep you busy. You are tasked with multiple scenarios from both the Rebel and the Dark sides of the force. Each level/location has three stars, each it’s own set of rules and characters in which you use to complete the mission. Some levels have time limits and others have character limits. There are three levels of difficulty for each level. With… you guessed it… the later stars being very difficult.

STAR WARS™ Battlefront™ II_20171124154951

While the online portion of this game has received its due diligence of bad press, this game is not to be over-looked as a quality game. If you are someone who enjoys Star Wars, you should definitely consider picking this game up to enjoy the visuals and the characters. Maybe wait for discounts to start showing up before picking up as some may not value this game at the retail price point.


  • Visuals and characters
  • Quick and the point single-player experience
  • Easy to pick up controls


  • Single-player might be too short for many player hoping for more
  • Prior knowledge of the Star Wars Universe is needed to understand many parts of the game


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