Reality Break Gaming was created by a trio of friends based in the Pacific Northwest.

Our goals include…

  • Provide honest reviews for various gaming communities
  • To look at both new and old games
  • Share our experiences in games that catch our interest
  • Answer questions that people may have.

Bryce Cummings

Bryce is a teacher at Yreka High School in Yreka, CA (Yreka… not Eureka). The first system that he owned was a Sega Genesis. Bryce has always had video games available to him throughout the various generations of consoles. When Bryce is not teaching, he is hanging out at home with his wife and two dogs.

David Di Maggio

David works as an medical assistant eventually going for his Nursing Degree. When not working or playing any game he can get his hands on, he would be at home with his wife and very energetic son. He has a problem with trying to own every console and/or board game that catches his eye.

Kenny Sawyer

Kenny is engineer in the semiconductor industry who grew up on Nintendo and Milton Bradley. Now it is more likely see him playing PC or PS4 and venturing towards more challenging board games when not dealing with his two corgis.