Dragon Ball FighterZ

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Initial release date: January 26, 2018
Developer: Arc System Works
Engine: Unreal Engine
Composer(s): Toshiyuki Kishi; Hiromi Mizutani; Kenji Katoh; Reno
Director(s): Junya Motomura
Dragon Ball FighterZ could go down as the best game of the entire Dragon Ball series. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of Dragon Ball games of the past that have a special place in all of our hearts, but this one has taken things to a new level. I want to preface the face that I have not always been one for the 2D fighting styled games. I have played them from time to time but haven’t been hooked into one since Mortal Kombat Trilogy on the Nintendo 64. There are so many things that this game brings to the table and that is definitely a good thing.
DRAGON BALL FighterZ_20180129225020
A new story arc is a very welcomed feature to Dragon Ball Fighterz

The fighting system is very clean and very simple. The fighting is very inviting to all who wish to play this game. There are times where it can get very intense and the screen is full of chaos but you can still control your character. The clean combos is a bright spot where you can do a combo by simply button mashing on single button [Square]. A more punishing combo can also be done with one single button mash [Triangle]. Previous games have tried to cram as many moves into each character as possible, needless to say it was very cumbersome.

Fighterz gives each character a move set that is dedicated, and unique, to each character. If you want to break out of the button mashing style, there are some special moves that can be done with relative ease. So easy that it is a matter of 3-buttons to complete each characters ‘Super Special’ move [Down, Right and a trigger], assuming you have enough Ki. Another variant in this game is that it is based on 3-v-3 fighting with other team fighters being able to swap out or assist in a pinch. All-in-all there is no reason for you to not take a chance on this game based on the fighting style.

While the fighting is a main part of this game, the story arc that is featured in this game is very special. If you have played previous Dragon Ball games you will know that they have stayed very close to the main story line of the Anime. Other games have had variations of that story line but this one finally breaks away from trying to recreate the main story once again. They go as far as to introduce a new character that has not been seen before this game.

DRAGON BALL FighterZ_20180204165022
Fighting hard and eating good food is always a life goal.

The characters that are part of the “original” roster for this game is small but effective. You have main characters but only one, maybe two, versions. They went away from giving you all the base characters and then all of their different forms [Goku had ten different versions in Xenoverse 2]. In Fighterz the base version of most if not all characters were skipped altogether. Saiyans start in ‘Super’ form with certain characters having different ‘Super’ forms. A few of the duplicate characters is Goku and Vegeta with their ‘Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan’  [yes, that is a mouthful] form or SSGSS for short. It is nice to see such a minimal character selection when jumping into this game.

DRAGON BALL FighterZ_20180203153826
The art style and battle animations are a thing of beauty.

Another factor that sets this game apart is the art style. The art is very close to what you would see when watching the show on television. When fighting you will notice that the characters and actions look very clean. The attention to detail in Fighterz is something to marvel at when playing. It is very rare to experience lag or elements out of place even in the most intense battles. Another attention to detail is the dialog that is used. Characters will interact with other characters based on their background. When fighting characters will banter back and forth from time to time when using certain moves. Characters that fight each other in the Anime or have a long standing relationship will speak as they know who they are fighting. Its definitely a breath of fresh air in a game that is simple in nature, fight to win.

DRAGON BALL FighterZ_20180204103248
It’s nice to see Captain Ginyu’s style is back.

I can’t talk about this game enough. I could go into so many things that Fighterz has done right and we would be here for quite awhile. Basically, I would recommend this game to anyone. I would definitely recommend this game to any fan of Dragon Ball, but I would also recommend this game to anyone who is interested in 2D fighting games. Clearly there is a backstory to the characters but their backstory is easily searchable on the internet. This game might be your gateway into the animated show or even the Anime. Don’t skip out on this game, you will regret it.


  • Graphics/Art Style
  • Ease of Entry
  • Battle combos/system
  • Fights are variable
  • Fast action with little lag
  • Story Arc


  • Certain voice lines can be over used