Super Mario Odyssey

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The lovable little guy is back for an adventure of a lifetime.

Release date: October 27, 2017
Composer(s): Naoto Kubo; Shiho Fujii‎; Koji Kondo
Designer(s): Futoshi Shirai; Shinya Hiratake
Series: Mario Series
Platform: Nintendo Switch
There are many different sets of attire in this game and many of them are comical when placed in the right scene.
Where do I even start? I guess that I could start with the fact that Super Mario Odyssey that everyone should attempt to play at some point. Even if it’s only for a few minutes here or there. Although those few minutes will probably persuade yourself into picking up a Nintendo Switch and continue your adventure. There are numerous hours of gameplay that will keep you coming back for more, and more.
In trying to avoid spoilers we will keep information about the story to a minimum. In true Mario fashion the story remains the same in that you are trying to save Princess Peach from the sweetheart, Bowser. Yes, that’s right Bowser is a romantic in this game. As you progress through the story you might see exactly what I am talking about. Obviously, Peach still has feelings for Mario and vice-versa. Mario must fight his way through different parts of the world, with the help of his new pal ‘Cappy’, in order to catch up to Bowser to “rescue” the one he loves.
Did I mention that Bowser is a romantic?

Super Mario Odyssey controls are fabulous. And by that I mean that they handle very well and are responsive. There are a few moves that are difficult to pull off but if you practice them enough (hat toss and dive). The newest mechanic in this game is the use of the featured ‘Cappy’ throughout the game. Cappy is used in new and inventive ways throughout the entirety of the game. At first you may think that this hat throwing is a gimmick. But Nintendo was very detailed in making use of the hat for more than just jumping off it when needing to make a big gap. The only drawback to the controls is that there are a few moves that require motion. While this isn’t a deal breaker for most, as the moves performed by motion control are necessary for completing the game, they make some parts easier. Using Cappy is a breeze once you get used to angles and distance.

Capturing/Taking Control was a major part of the use for Cappy but not the end all be all. You could turn on lights, flip switches, damage enemies, fast-travel through the use of the cap. You could not avoid using Cappy as he captured enemies that you needed to use to either make a path to continue the story or used to find locations that are hidden. You will find moments in the game where you don’t have Cappy and you will miss the little guy.

Cappy takes many forms through the game.

What will you encounter, as far as enemies, throughout this game? The main battles throughout the story will involve the secondary antagonists, the Broodals; a group of rabbits hired to help Bowser plan the wedding of a lifetime. They are led by Madame Broode, you will notice why she is the leader once you play the game. You will face each rabbit multiple times throughout the story each time throwing something different at you to keep battles fresh and interesting.

The Broodals minus Madame Broode; (left to right) Spewart, Topper, Rango, and Harriet.

The game sets up to be fun for all ages. There are simple tasks for the casual gamer and then there are major tasks that take a little bit of thought and execution. Essentially you are trying to collect moons to power your Odyssey to be able to catch Bowser and also to travel the world once you are done with the story missions. There is a minimum number of moons needed to complete the story but once your are done with that then there are hundreds (yes, hundreds) of moons to find.



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With so many moons to find you will have many hours of gameplay available to you that you can’t go wrong with a game like this. The attention to detail and the little things that Nintendo put in this game is remarkable. There are so many things in this game that there isn’t enough room to fit it all into this game break down. Super Mario Odyssey is arguably the best game of 2017, and most definitely one of the best in the Mario franchise.


  • Beautiful visuals
  • Unique gameplay
  • Story
  • Gameplay after story


  • Motion controls
  • Difficulty of some moons for casual gamers

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