Dead Rising

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The zombies are not the only part of this game that will be a part of your nightmares.

Dead Rising
Initial release date: August 8, 2006
Developer: Capcom
Series: Dead Rising
Engine: MT Framework
Platforms: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360

DEAD RISING_20170912204858
Nothing is what it seems. Both character and gameplay changes frequently.

Dead Rising is a zombie-slasher set in the fictitious town of Willamette, Colorado. You are placed (or flown) in to a shopping mall in hopes of covering the story of the century as a photo-journalist. Your ultimate goal is to survive psychopaths and zombie hoards all while trying to uncover the truth behind the zombie apocalypse.

One of the things that you (or I) would expect in a zombie-slasher would be a streamlined story with natural progression. Okay well maybe in the first iteration of a game series they would stick to something simple. However this is far from a natural progression game.

You are given 72-hours (game hours) to uncover a true-ending of the truth behind the zombie takeover. Unfortunately, the game gives you multiple things to do and you have to make a decision on what you are going to complete.

DEAD RISING_20170909230102
Survivors show up throughout the game to either help defeat psychopaths or to be saved from them. Either way, most psychopaths take multiple tries to figure out and defeat.

You are forced to make sacrifices with who will be saved. There are not enough hours to be able to save everyone. Not to mention you will have limited amounts of health and weapons in the beginning. Taking on psychopaths head-on the first time through is simply not an option. Did I mention first time? Dead Rising does not simply let you play through the story-line once and get away with it.

Dead Rising has a very… ‘unique’ progression/save system inside the game. The biggest issue I have with this game is the save system. There is a save system and a progression system but they are almost separate in nature. Your progression can be built through playing the story but is setup in a way that you will not have enough health in the beginning and will ultimately end up playing through the story multiple times to find the true ending. There are multiple endings based on the way you play. The save system is a confusing one to say the least. Be warned… your save is not what it appears to be in the this game. If you die during your game you have the option to ‘save and quit.’ But with this option you are quitting your story and saving your health upgrades.

Another thing to make note of is that if you don’t stick to the main story and you miss a timed event you will not be able to complete the main story.  You can continue to find and upgrade your character but you can not go back, you have to start over to find that “true-ending.”  Be prepared to replay much of the beginning missions as you try to upgrade Frank West.

The one bright spot for me was the ability to customize your character. You are able to dress and stylize your character the way you want. There are many zany offerings to this game and will lead to some comical outfits.

DEAD RISING_20170912203353
The seriousness nature of this game can be broken up by the fact that your characters outfit will be a part of the cut scenes.  No matter how ridiculous you may look.

The battle/fight system felt a bit clunky as you had to be very direct with your attacks with minimal counters to incoming zombies. Firearms are especially difficult to get used to as they don’t quite handle like you would expect. There were many times that I would pass up a firearm for a bat because the firearm was far less accurate. The multiple weapon system was expansive as each weapon had its own perks.

Who should play this game? People who like anything zombie should definitely give this game a chance as it has plenty of zombies with many ways to kill them. If you have the time to grind out health perks and status upgrades then this could be the game for you.

I found myself struggling through much of this game and really wanted this to be a game that I could enjoy. Being able to barrel through hundreds of zombies with a magnitude of weapons was intriguing but left much to be desired. The biggest hurdle that I couldn’t get past was the having to replay the beginning missions multiple times just to be at a point where my character felt powerful enough to take a shot at the true-ending.


  • Endless supply of zombies
  • Multiple weapons with multiple ways to kill zombies
  • Character customization


  • Having to play story multiple times to make progress
  • Strict time limit to complete main story
  • Clunky controls


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